is. məh. Saxsı nimçə, dövrə.

Azərbaycan dilinin izahlı lüğəti. 2009.

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  • Badí‘ — at the age of 15 Badí‘ (Arabic: ﺑﺪﻳﻊ‎) ‎(1852 – 1869), was the title of Mírzá Áqá Buzurg i Nishapuri, also known by his title the Pride of Martyrs, was the son of Abdu l Majid i Nishapuri, a follower of the Báb and Bahá u lláh. Badí‘ is most …   Wikipedia

  • Badi — may refer to:in Arabic poetry: *new poetryPeople: *Badí‘ i Khurásání, (1852 1869) an early Bahá í martyr from Persia. *Badi II, (1645 1681) ruler of the Kingdom of Sennar. *Badi III, (1692 1716) ruler of the Kingdom of Sennar. *Badi IV, (1724… …   Wikipedia

  • Badi’ — im Alter von 15 Badi’ während der Gefangenschaft Badi’ (Arabisch: ﺑﺪﻳﻊ; „der Wunderbare“) ist der Titel von Aqa Buzurg i Nishapuri …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Badí‘ — (arabe : ﺑﺪﻳﻊ) ‎(1852 – 1869), est le titre de Mírzá Áqá Buzurg i Nishapuri, aussi connu par son titre de Fierté des Martyres. Il était fils de Abdu l Majid i Nishapuri, un disciple du Báb et de Bahá u lláh. Badí‘ est particulièrement… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Badi — Staat: Italien Region …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Badi — Pays  Japon Langue Japonais Périodicité Mensuelle Prix au numéro 1 300 Yen …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Badi IV — (1724 1762), also known as Badi abu Shilluk, was a ruler of the Kingdom of Sennar.When Emperor Iyasu II of Ethiopia invaded his realm in 1738, the army of Sennar under the leadership of Hamis, a prince of Darfur, inflicted a significant defeat of …   Wikipedia

  • Badi I — (1611/2 1616/7), also known as Badi el Kawam, was a ruler of the Kingdom of Sennar. During his reign, Sennar was at peace with its neighbor, Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Royal Chronicles mention that Emperor Susenyos of Ethiopia responded to the gift… …   Wikipedia

  • Badi II — Badi II, known as The Bearded (1644/5 1681), was a ruler of the Kingdom of Sennar. During his reign, the Kingdom of Taqali to the west was defeated and made a vassal state. References * E.A Wallis Budge, A History of Ethiopia: Nubia and Abyssinia …   Wikipedia

  • BADI — (сокр. от англ. Business Add in, терминология интерфейс для расширения стандартной функциональности бизнес приложений в R/3 системе. Обычно реализуется пользователем системы или сторонним разработчиком. См. также ABAP Ссылки Business Add Ins… …   Википедия

  • badi̯os —     badi̯os     English meaning: gold, brown     Deutsche Übersetzung: “gelb, braun”     Note: (only Lat. and Ir.; maybe from one, at most not IE, language of ancient Europe?).     Material: Lat. badius “ brown, chestnutcolored, bay “; O.Ir.… …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

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